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Football: As the football match is 90 minutes play, that's why, the final result of the game will be finalized after 90 mintues plus injury time. and if the game plays in extra time, then it will not be considered as game result, it may be a new or extra option for the game, but to company [betfinity] the final result of the game will consider after 90 mintues and injury time. If any match or any options [Cricket or Football] suspended by authority [ICC & FIFA], or other reasons, that is if the game didn’t play on the ground. For that case bet amount have been returned to their account automatically. There are some certain reasons to shorten a cricket match such as Rain Delayed, Light Problem, that is Time Losses reasons, that’s why a cricket match will be shortened by Over [4,6,10 Over less], then the users [Betters] must followed the situation, and have to abide by the change of nature.
If any users bet after certain or fixed time of the game or of the option, [Suppose the TOSS is done, after Toss if any user bet on TOSS, or after goal user bet on game then this rule will apply for that] for that reason, the company [betfinity] will return 0% on bet amount of the game or of the option. For that cheating and conspiracy activity, the company [betfinity] 100% of the bet amount will be deducted as penalty.
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